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From Passive to Active

Passive pedestrian collision warning systems
provide visual and audible warnings, like beeps and flashing lights. These warnings, however, compete for drivers’ attention in a complex environment with traffic, passengers, vehicle noise, and other distractions.  Every fraction of a second lost in driver reaction time to an impending collision is critical.  Adding PASS technology to passive detection systems recovers this critical time with reaction times 50x faster than the typical human, resulting in immediate reductions in vehicle speed.  With active vehicle control, drivers have more time and distance to bring buses to a controlled stop. During product testing, results show PASS reacts to pedestrian hazards up to 2 sec. faster than a driver with passive only indicators.

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Active Response

  • Consistently reacts 50 times faster than a typical human reaction time

  • Reduces panic stop severity by 50%

PASS’s active response is unmatched by other systems and its architecture supports the retrofit and OEM (existing fleets and new purchases) vehicle platforms

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